Launch a test product on Amazon... FAST

Join this simple "10 day Listing on Amazon" Course and list your first test product on Amazon!

Even if you don't have a product yet

No, you will not profit from this listing! You will, however, get over your fear of listing… setting you up for your next real product.

What is the "Listing on Amazon" Course?

What is the
"Listing on Amazon" Challenge?

Last time I did one of these was October 2020. At the time, a few awesome people decided to join me LIVE to overcome their fear of sending products to FBA.

Now I am offering you a chance to get this as a course, to follow along on your own time!

In January 2021, we will spend 10 days online and buy a test product, think of a dummy brand, created a test listing and shipping plan, and some of you will even send your products to FBA. Each person who completes the challenge will send a dummy test product to the USA and they will be able to go on to sell more products soon afterwards on Amazon.

NOW you can have access to all the steps we have taken many times before and take the challenge on your own time.

If you haven't done this with me before, it's the most nerdy fun you can have online! You can now follow our steps to list your own product online in 10 days!

It's a crash course in Amazon FBA and a way to take advantage of my many years of business experience! And, at the end of it, you should have a test product sent to Amazon FBA in the USA.

So, if you've been procrastinating because Amazon is scary and you just want to send any product into FBA, sign up to the Challenge and get into the Facebook Group. The Sessions have been recorded and you will be able to follow along but you need to do the work and ask as many questions as you need in the Facebook Group. 

If you're already a member of my “Branding by Intent” subscription, look in your account dashboard as you are already registered to the challenge for free

Everybody else, click on the link below and sign up! When you register, you will get full access to the Boot Camp!

We talk about everything, brand names, keywords, photos, categories, listing products, prepping, printing, labelling and shipping all in 10 days. 

See you on the other side!!! 

How does it work?

We give you: 

♥ Daily video LESSONS 

♥ Step by step instructions 

♥ A Facebook Community and support 

What will you learn?

How to sign up for Amazon the right way

How to choose a safe product

How to list a product on Amazon

How to ship a product to FBA

The 10 day Listing on Amazon Challenge

is now available to everybody any time


For the price of a takeaway coffee a day, you can get a head start in your Amazon business.

I've been part of the success story of thousands of brand owners who started just like you are doing today.

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If you're willing to put in the work, I'm ready to support you on your journey!

There is nothing I love more than to be a part of my students' success story.

Let's do this together! 

See you on the other side…