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Are you tired of hearing about new "Amazon Courses"?

You don’t need another expensive outdated course to tell you how to get rich and overwhelm you!

Have you completed all the courses you could afford but still find that you are not ready to launch your brand? 

Have you been paying Amazon gurus in the USA, in expensive US$, to give you information about what to do as an Australian resident, even though you already have a functioning business? 

Have you launched a product on Amazon but it’s not doing as well as you expected?

Have you got a successful business outside Amazon but don’t know how to get it to work on Amazon?

There is so much outdated information out there that trying to work it out on your own can be a challenge. Things change every day. Policies, laws and regulations are forever affecting our business and, what was true last year, is obsolete today. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be informed step-by-step, while you are building your brand and listing your products on the world’s largest eCommerce platform? 

If you feel that way, you’re not alone. You’ve come to the right place! The training I provide is updated daily, will give you personalised help when you need it and provides you with a supportive group environment to learn while you are working on your business. 

My aim is to give you the tools and resources to make your own business decisions. My ultimate aim is to empower you to take control of your business, on or off Amazon, like a boss!


Your journey is unique! There is no one-size-fits-all in business. Your business is unique to you. 

Now that we’ve established that, let’s actually help you get started. With my help, and the help of a team of amazing service providers, you will:

  • First decide on whether Amazon is right for your business and, if so, which marketplace in particular;
  • Set up your Australian eCommerce business the right way the first time;
  • Understand how your decisions today can affect your business in the future;
  • Make strategic decisions that will maximise the value of your business for a future sale;
  • Select your brand name and get your domain names, website, trademarks, GS1 Barcodes and other business assets and tools in place to start on the right foot;
  • Get a test product on the market and decide which platform, whether Amazon or non-Amazon, is best for you and your products;
  • Select your products and niche with confidence, based on your own budget and strategy;
  • If you already have an existing business, skip all the steps above and validate your products and business model for the marketplace you intend to enter;
  • Create an international business with the help of Amazon FBA, as well as,, or any other platform you would like to utilise;
  • Learn from a library of how-to videos and articles when you need them;
  • Ask questions along the way about what you should do to take your business to the next stage;
  • Learn real business practices, not a get-rich-quick scheme;
  • Grow your business with real white-hat compliant and legal strategies, not black-hat infringing practices;
  • Create a business that you are proud of, whether it’s a side-gig or a 7-figure empire;
  • Learn what to do about product safety standards, certificates, insurance and account suspensions;
  • Learn how to sell on multiple marketplaces, in multiple countries;
  • Learn how to market your products with PPC, Sponsored ads, keyword optimisation, photography and eCommerce best practices;
  • Learn how to protect your brand with Amazon Brand Registry across marketplaces in different countries;
  • Learn how to take advantage of the tools that Amazon provides in order to build your brand, even if you never retail any of your products on Amazon yourself;
  • Decide whether your business would be better served investing in other marketplaces as well, such as or;
  • If you already have your own brand or retail business, decide which products are suitable for Amazon, protect your brand on every Amazon marketplace internationally, and validate your choices to add Amazon to your distribution channels.
All this is possible through a combination of course content, Q&A in the private Facebook Group, as well as monthly workshops and mastermind sessions. I also offer one-on-one consultations that will fast track you at your own pace. 

Here’s our 4-step process

training for new sellers



We have free resources for everybody! 

Everybody is welcome. There are free videos, meetups, giveaways, and peer to peer support in a Facebook group environment. That way, you can ask questions about what others are doing on their Amazon journey or how they are building their brands.

Our Facebook Units’ section will take you through setting up and verifying your Amazon account, finding your first product and learning the basics about barcodes and trademarks. 

When things get more serious for you, you can begin with any of the services below. 


Join the beginners' Membership group

When free peer resources are no longer enough, you can join the Membership Training group. 

There you will find a group of supportive members and an extensive library of resources that are updated as the whole group asks more and more questions.

Ask your questions about where to go to get your business structure right, get your trademarks and insurance in order, Amazon shipping and listing policies, which products are safe and not restricted, where to ask your product safety questions and how to escalate day to day issues on Amazon. Learn how to sell on multiple platforms, what boxes and labels you need, how to communicate with your suppliers and so much more. Get information on how Fulfillment by Amazon works, how to send your products to a fulfillment centre and what that means for your sales, earnings and responsibilities. Learn how to find a product, assess the competition, decide on your keywords, test and market it on the platform. 

You can ask as many questions as you need every day and be assured that you will get expert replies. We also meet twice a month on Zoom where you can ask more questions, share your screen and get more detailed advice. 

Your membership entitles you to discounts to more masterminds, challenges, boot camps, services and 1-on-1 consultations. 

Get your business ready and start on the right foot!


Join the Product Research & Development Mastermind

When you are ready to take the plunge with a more serious investment, you can’t go past a second pair of experienced eyes to help you validate your product. 

One of the most important decisions you will make is your product selection and validation. In this group, we research products once a week, answer your sourcing, listing and product distribution questions, and help you understand the potential consequences of ordering smaller or larger quantities of inventory, competitiveness on the marketplace, expanding your brand’s niche and developing your products when outsourcing production. 

Everybody in this group signs an NDA before joining to ensure that all members are comfortable sharing their products and research. We meet once a week in a Zoom meeting and we do research on keywords, competition, sourcing and viability. This mastermind will help you make amazing sourcing and listing decisions. 

This is the group you need to join before you make any kind of significant product investment. 


Join the Advertising, PPC & Growth Mastermind​

Are you ready to grow your business?

Growing means sales and sales need cash flow. Marketing and advertising are two closely related, but separate, concepts. Advertising will help you get sales which will give you the cash flow to market your brand and grow in the future. As a brand owner you want to market for long-term growth, but also advertise for immediate profit. 

Amazon is a totally different platform to any other marketplace you may have used before. Even the most experienced sellers find the rapid growth confronting. In this group, you will master the art of advertising and growing your Private Label Brand on Amazon. You will also get support when you need to ask questions about the cost of a change of direction, rebranding and/or selling your brand.

Everybody in this group signs an NDA before joining to ensure that all members are comfortable sharing their products and research. We meet once a week in a Zoom meeting and we create PPC campaigns, tweak and optimise them for higher sales and lower costs. We also decide on marketing and promotions strategies that will work with your particular products. 

This is the group you need to join to grow your sales and strategise for the future of your business.

The best program you can get at any price

We continue to add powerful sessions, strategies and instructional content to help the majority of people master Amazon’s complicated platform from the beginning.

Don’t be mistaken: Just because our program does not have a 4 or 5-figure price tag, does not mean it’s not the best eCommerce program you can get for your money. Getting your questions answered in a timely fashion by somebody who can let you know what your options are, in your personal circumstances, is gold. We don’t want anyone left behind in our program. We are here to help you at a reasonable price that will allow you to invest your money in the important part of your business: your products!

Can you start your business without any training? Yes, you can!  Should you start your business without my training? That depends. You are unique and your needs are unique. If you’re just learning the ropes by spending a few hundred dollars on your new venture, do just that! There is no need to spend a portion of your small investment on any training. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person that would rather learn from others’ mistakes, this group is ideal for that. It is, however, imperative to have some kind of business knowledge before you make any significant investment on your business. Business mistakes can be the most costly of all. The money you spend on my program will save you thousands of dollars in costly mistakes from the very beginning! 

Choose a plan and start your journey

green learners group

Amazon Sellers Australia Free Facebook Group
FREE Always
  • Great resource for those who are weighing up their options
  • Free Facebook peer-support group
  • Free resources to answer learners' questions
  • Support to open & verify your accounts
  • Access to meetups & live events
  • Access to service providers, giveaways & discounts

blue beginners group

Private Label Australia Members Only Training
AU$ 69
  • Group suitable for those starting out
  • All the resources that are available in the free group
  • Access to private expert support Facebook group
  • Library with instructions on running your Amazon business
  • Bimonthly scheduled workshops with Q&A for all participants
  • Answers to every question asked in the group
  • Half-price discounts to all masterminds and consultations
  • Access to trusted service providers and additional discounts
  • Secure PayPal payment - Cancel any time through PayPal


Private Label Australia Product Research Mastermind
AU$ 109
  • Best group for those investing in new products
  • Half price discount to active members of Blue Beginners' Group
  • Access to private support Facebook group
  • Limit of 20 members per group
  • All members sign an NDA to ensure privacy
  • 3-hour workshop once a week on product research
  • Support when sourcing and manufacturing
  • Support with product safety, standards & certificates
  • Support with supplier & manufacturer communications
  • Keyword research, product competition & revenue expectations
  • Secure PayPal payment - Cancel any time through PayPal​


Advertising, Amazon PPC & Growth Mastermind
AU$ 139
  • Best suited for those growing their business
  • Half price discount to active members of Blue Beginners' Group
  • Access to private support Facebook group​
  • Limit of 10 members per group​
  • All members sign an NDA to ensure privacy
  • 2-hour workshop once a week on PPC & advertising
  • Support when searching for keywords, creating campaigns & optimising your advertising
  • Support while growing your business, replenishing & making product decisions to complement grow your niche brand
  • Secure PayPal payment - Cancel any time through PayPal​


Group Coaching for Amazon Coaches & Service Providers
AU$ 699
  • Best suited for individuals offering amazing services to Amazon sellers
  • Access to private support Facebook group
  • Limit of 5 members per group
  • All members sign an NDA to ensure privacy
  • One hour 1-on-1 consulting with individual support every month
  • 2-hour workshop once a week (We currently meet every Monday morning 11am-1pm Melbourne time)
  • Get help with identifying your avatar or ideal customer
  • Work out how to attract your ideal customers
  • Understand free and paid online advertising
  • Learn how to find industry leaders who will promote your services to their followers
  • Learn how to create your own following and market to our Amazon & eCommerce sellers
  • Learn what online tools to use to get your offers live
  • Secure PayPal payment - Cancel any time through PayPal​


1-on-1 Coaching on your Terms - Book me when you need me!
AU$ 199
  • Best suited for those who need to work at their own pace but don't have time to go through course and group content
  • Half price discount to active members of Blue Beginners' Group
  • Set up your account and work with me to create your listings
  • Advertise your products and tweak your campaigns
  • 4x1-hour sessions to use over 2 months for AUD650
  • Reschedule at least 24 hours prior to scheduled session




Let’s launch it together on Amazon and go Global with the help of the largest eCommerce selling platform in the world!

Depending on your needs, I will teach your staff how to:

  • Setup your accounts & Amazon Brand Registry across marketplaces
  • List and optimise your product pages
  • Set up your Amazon Storefront
  • Add A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content) to your listings
  • Create shipping plans and shipments to utilise Fulfillment by Amazon in any marketplace
  • Advertise and promote your listings
  • Follow Amazon policy to provide customer support & account management
Complete the Contact Form below to arrange a Zoom meeting with me 



Amazon is the largest eCommerce seller in other parts of the world. Amazon Australia is here and it’s still early days so, if you want a piece of that pie, you should get in early. The amazing potential that Amazon has today is in its Global Brand Account!  

If you would like to expand in the USA and Europe but don’t have the time to dabble with learning the platform or educating staff, let us create and manage your account for you. 

You do what you do best: Create, manufacture and bring to the market amazing products! Let us launch your masterpieces on Amazon and go Global with the help of the largest eCommerce selling platform in the world!

Depending on your needs, we offer:

  • Account setup & Amazon Brand Registry across marketplaces
  • Photography & graphic design services
  • Listing optimisation & uploading onto any Amazon marketplace
  • Advertising advice & management
  • Amazon Storefront setup
  • A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content)
  • Brand recognition tools 
  • Videography advice & uploading to the platform
  • Assistance with shipping to Fulfillment by Amazon in any marketplace
  • Advice with shipments & inventory control
  • Follow-up customer support & account management
Complete the Contact Form below to arrange a Zoom meeting with me 



I’m Calliope Sofianopoulos (my friends call me Calli) and I’m a serial entrepreneur! 

I’ve been running multiple service and product related businesses for around 30 years. Amazon, for me, was a platform to expand my existing eCommerce business a few short years ago. That’s when I discovered the potential of, the USA leg of the biggest online operation on Earth today. I made my first $10,000 in sales within a month of sending a couple of boxes of my products to FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon). That’s when I fell in love with Amazon and all that it does for 3rd Party Sellers. 

Now, let me be real: It hasn’t been a walk in the park! It’s the most cash-intensive business model I know of and, at the time, I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into. So, when I finally got the hang of it, I started answering questions in Facebook groups to help other people not make the mistakes I had made. 

The Private Label Australia website was born from a need to upload my content somewhere where newbies in the business could find it. The Private Label Australia Facebook Group was an extension of that, so that people could ask questions in a safe environment. 

Today Private Label Australia is one of 3 businesses I own. It was founded on my desire to keep helping people at every step I take. It started as a free service I was providing other sellers and has grown to my helping 100 new sellers at any one time. I’ve been fortunate enough to be trusted by industry leaders and new sellers alike, to make an impact on eCommerce in Australia in recent years. 

Let me be a part of your Amazon journey. No huge upfront costs here, not even any annual obligations. Join one of my low-cost groups and cancel any time. It’s never too late to get the business education to move to the next level of your business! 

Other services we proudly provide


Copyrighting, listing, A+ CONTENT (EBC) & keyword optimisation packages

Small product photography & graphic design packages

WordPress & WooCommerce website design & DEVELOPMENT packages

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