Private Label Australia – Private Label Amazon and eCommerce Training

When it comes to building a brand on Amazon,
there is so much confusing information

I show people how to build a brand and sell their products
on Amazon USA, Amazon Australia and beyond
so that they can start making money faster

Who am I?

I started my first business almost 30 years ago and have had multiple businesses simultaneously for all these years. After building brands and selling my products on eBay and my own website a few years ago, I decided to copy and list almost 5000 products on I had heard the hype about how millionaires were born through Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and decided to send my first few products there. That’s when I found out how overwhelming the information was about how to navigate Amazon SellerCentral and get your products to Amazon’s warehouses to get sold. I also realised how different selling on Amazon was compared to any other platform and that I was doing it all wrong!!! 

The information available a few years ago was all geared towards USA sellers. Australian sellers were few and far between and the help online was all wrong for us. There was one Facebook Group, Amazon Sellers Australia, where I could find and get help from multiple professionals in the industry. After making all my mistakes and doing it all again, I started sharing my experiences in that group and making a name for myself as an Amazon expert. 

Today I have a private training program on Facebook, through which I help sellers to navigate the Amazon Beast. This is the most comprehensive program I know about that has helped multiple sellers go from “not knowing what to sell” to making 5 figures in Sales within a few months, without the confusion! 

I have spent the last year compiling and answering thousands of questions by people who are building their brand on Amazon. Now you can benefit from the knowledge base  created and have all your questions answered… even questions you never knew you had! 

Importantly, although everybody will get to their own goals in their own time, my training will help eliminate all the confusion. You will know what your options are and what those options mean for you so that you can make crystal clear decisions at every step of the way.  

Calli (Calliope Sofianopoulos)

Who is this Training for?

This training is for:

You, the newbie investor: If you have heard that Amazon offers a lifestyle opportunity second to none, you may be looking to make sense of all the confusing information on how to achieve it. Being a practitioner on the platform allows me to know first-hand what challenges you are likely to face. Having taught the methods and trained hundreds of other practitioners in the field, I have been able to help them with more challenges and allow them to reach their goals as well. 

You, the eCommerce Seller: If you have been selling on your own website, on eBay, Etsy, Catch and other marketplaces, you will have thought about creating your own brand and selling your products on Amazon at one point or another. If you are anything like me, you have dabbled in listing on the platform but found it counter-intuitive. If you are not familiar with the marketplace, you are most likely thinking that it requires more effort for less returns. Done correctly, though, Amazon has produced more millionaire sellers than all the other marketplaces combined. Let me show you how Amazon differs from other eCommerce platforms. The skills you will learn can be applied to other platforms as well with amazing results in terms of brand building and conversions.

You, the work-at-home-parent: If you are looking to invest a small amount of money to build your own physical brand, while looking after your kids and keeping up with school drop-offs and pick-ups, this is the platform for you. With Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) picking, packing and shipping your orders, your home will be free from inventory clutter and you can focus on building the brand in a niche that excites you. 

You, the Director of a successful Australian Brand: If you are looking for somebody to show your staff how to integrate your Company’s existing sales with the Amazon platform, book me in for a comprehensive Consulting presentation through which I can show you how to incorporate the world’s largest marketplace into your plans. 

Join Private Label Australia!

If you have been researching Amazon Selling for a while, you already know how overwhelming the platform is. But you also know that there is a huge opportunity for those who persevere and that many of us have made a lifestyle out of selling on the marketplace. This year, 19% of Amazon professional merchants averaged more than $1 million in sales revenue, according to a survey by Feedvisor. These were just normal, everyday people like you and I. Whatever your goal is, whether it’s a part-time income or a full-time million dollar business, or anything in-between, it’s achievable on Amazon. Let me show you what to do or not to do in order to achieve it! 

My goal is to make your life easier and stress-free. When you don’t know how to deal with a challenge, I’m here to tell you what your options are. This is your business so you will need to make some tough decisions about where your investment can be better spent. It is easier to do this, though, if you fully understand what the repercussions of your decisions will be. 

Make decisions confidently, without the stress! 


Pricing & Plans




What you get

15-minute Consultation: Call me to get some insight on your eCommerce journey. I promise, I’m fun to talk to! 

Free Membership to the largest Amazon Sellers Facebook Group in Australia with peer-to-peer support, plenty of free resources and giveaways

Free PDF resource on UPCs, GTINs and alternatives for Amazon and eCommerce, Amazon Account Verification Checklist and Invoice Sample Template

Free Private Label and Amazon Training Videos


per month
(Cancel any time)

Membership Group

What you get

  • The most affordable Amazon Sellers’ Training
  • Course material within the Facebook Group Units Section
  • Posts and videos with practical advice on your business
  • Timely answers to your questions about Amazon and/or your business in a Facebook Group with peer-to-peer support and expert advice
  • 1 Monthly 60-minute Facebook Live Q&A with tasks to tackle in the next month on the 1st Wednesday of every month 12-1pm
  • 1 Monthly 90-minute Live Webinar on 1 topic each month
    (We currently meet on the 3rd Sunday of every month 4-5.30pm Melbourne time, except public holidays)
  • Access to a library of how-to articles and instructional videos for Amazon startups
  • Discounts on comprehensive research software &  tools 
  • Monthly membership with secure PayPal payments. Cancel any time! 
  • Deep discounts on any Boot Camps, Mastermind Training Groups or additional trainings offered in 2019

Mastermind Group

What you get

  • One 90-minute Weekly Live GET-IT-DONE Workshop for a limited amount of people (Limit of 10 members). Each member will be able to work on a specific part of their business or account with me with tasks to tackle in the next week. (We currently meet on Wednesdays 8-9.30pm Melbourne time, except public holidays) 
  • This training is the next best thing to private training. It is definitely more affordable and you will be more confident and knowledgeable about the process than you could have imagined! 
  • Monthly membership with secure PayPal payments. Cancel any time!

1-on-1 Consultation

What you get

  • 60 Minutes of Strategy training on your business in a Zoom Meeting with screen sharing. We can Audit your existing Amazon account or Listings or Create your new Brand… 
  • Video recording of the whole session for you to use after the day
  • We can work out what is best for your business, the brand, the business itself, your product, the eCommerce platforms to utilise, the advertising strategies and tools to use and make a plan for the next steps
  • We can work on your existing Amazon account and listings to ensure that you are making the most of the marketplace including SEO, keyword indexing and ranking and photography
  • Available to purchase as often as is required

  • Book your 60 minute session with Calli

2-Day Weekend Listing and Shipping Online Amazon
Boot Camp

30-31 March 2019

  • 2 Full Days of Online Boot Camp experience during which you will prepare your business, your account, list and prep your products to ship. 
  • This is a simulation of the real thing! You will prepare your Amazon account, your brand name and business, select test products, review shipping supplies, shipping accounts, software and hardware. You will then list your products, create a shipping plan, prep and label your products or prepare instructions for your suppliers. You will create a shipment and get homework to follow up in the Membership Training Group later
  • Follow up in the group after the boot camp 
  • Referral Code for 10% on any friends you sign up to this Boot Camp



one-time fee

Corporate Training

What you get

  • 2-Hour Online Consultation to prepare your staff for the training. We will discuss the ways in which you can prepare your staff and processes to add Amazon to your existing platform
  • Video recording of the whole session for your future use
  • 1 full day of Training on your premises in Melbourne Metro area. If you are not located in Melbourne, we can discuss either an Online session with any staff members required or I can organise a trip at your Company’s expense (to be arranged)
  • Membership Training Subscription for 3 members of your staff for 2 months following the Training Session


Discount Pricing

” I’m so grateful to Calli. It’s not easy to navigate through getting your first product to Amazon US. I was feeling a bit lost until I found this Group. Calli knows the ins and outs of the technical side and always makes herself available to talk you through the steps. She’s very patient!! I have finally launched my first product and it’s been made so much easier with her support. Thanks Calli! “

Lisa Malady

Amazon - Private Label

” My journey has been full up hurdles but finally I have been able to push through and get product to FBA USA with the help of the most patient mentor Calliope! Sometimes the “light at the end of the tunnel” was just another train coming for me, but eventually I saw some daylight. She literally talked me through so many steps no matter what time of day (or night) is was. She sacrifices her own time and business to help us get going. So grateful to have had a helping hand to drag me up and push me on. The journey has just begun. Thanks Calli.”

Helen Chaseling

eCommerce & Business Entrepreneur

“Calli is a dedicated, genuine, good hearted teacher who really wants her students/members to succeed in their businesses. Running her own businesses, she somehow finds the time to connect with her students regardless of time/day. She is approachable & someone u can trust to hold your hand when you are starting new in the Amazon space. The speakers (local & int’l) she arranges for the webinars are top class & I can see the effort she puts into this to have one up & running.   So thank you Calli for having started this group & being our amazing cheerleader.” 

Christel Broederlow

Member PLA - eCommerce - Amazon - Private Label
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