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What is the "Branding by Intent" Group Membership?

What is the
"Branding by Intent" Membership?

After helping thousands of sellers over the last 3+ years, a new membership is born. 

Officially announcing “Branding by Intent”, the membership that already has a small bunch of amazing new entrepreneurs in it, who are crushing goals every day. 

Calliope Sofianopoulos' Membership – Branding by Intent

After 3 years of running Private Label Australia… it’s finally here! 

We launched the “Branding by Intent” Membership Group! 

Here’s the inside scoop about what's inside “Branding by Intent” plus insights to help you decide if it's for you or not…

What's inside Calli’s Membership?

There are 3 main advantages that “Branding by Intent” members have. 

The advanced workshops

With over 300 of my videos online, between all my Facebook groups, Pages and, recently, even my YouTube channel, is there really a need for advanced trainings?


You see, up to now, most of my videos are shared freely live on multiple platforms. And what happens when I put my content up for free? People with no knowledge about Amazon and no experience plagiarise my work. 

There is only one part of my work that cannot be plagiarised. Only one thing that I do weekly gives you the most value and helps you grow. These are my weekly “mastermind sessions”. I used to charge separately for those and realised that they are what gives you the most value in your business. 

You see, business is not a one-size fits all. There is no blueprint to follow that you can just go on to become successful with. Business is something that comes from within and it’s different for everyone. 

To top it off, by the time I make a video or lesson, Amazon changes a policy, the government changes a law, or we just go into a worldwide pandemic. Any Amazon course I have seen up until now has been obsolete before it was even completed.

Not to mention that most courses and trainings are US based. This means that most Australian students selling into the USA need specific advice for their Australian businesses that changes with local and international laws.

So my best trainings, teaching exactly what YOU need to do in your business, are now happening behind closed doors (or inside Zoom sessions).

What content is available inside the membership?

  • Access to all past trainings created by questions that others have asked before you;
  • 10-day Listing on Amazon Challenge;
  • Office Hours: Jump into my Zoom Room on Mondays, any time from 7pm until 9pm, to share your screen, fix something on your account and/or ask any questions and strategise (additional hours added every week);
  • Discounted 1-on-1 coaching sessions: All members of the group can book me in for AUD100 for 1 hour;
  • With the first 50 members already enrolled, we are building a really powerful community of entrepreneurs. We are focused on creating amazing products and brands for ourselves;
  • And MUCH more!

If I was to sell these at the prices other memberships charge, with a lot less practical value in them, it would easily amount to thousands of dollars worth of content plus hundreds of dollars per month for the membership group.

And what is the quality of the trainings like?

Well, here's a free sneak peek for you…. Watch my How to use keywords on Amazon (2-part series) training, so you can see some of my free content. The paid content is miles better and goes much deeper.

There are hours and hours of advanced trainings available…

And I'm putting out more trainings as often as needed to help you create your brand and sell your products on Amazon.

Discounted 1-on-1 coaching

One of my biggest challenges with group training is this: How do I solve some of your biggest issues, when they are likely just yours? How do I resolve a product file upload that is not the same for everybody but only for your specific issue, without also giving away a bunch of your private information in a group environment?

Enter my 1-on-1 Coaching sessions here.

Coaching sessions can become expensive, though. At AU$300 per hour, you can get some pretty good value, even if I do say so myself, but you can’t (and probably shouldn’t) book me in more than once in a blue moon.

So, for all members of “Branding by Intent”, if you have paid your monthly membership this month, you also get a steep discount on my private coaching. At $100 per hour, you can afford to book me in as often as my calendar allows you to, even at the beginning when you need more hand-holding through the Amazon maze. That way you have a balance of affordable group coaching with affordable private coaching.

You are exactly like the HUNDREDS of other Australians building their dream businesses from home, just like you. The entire membership is built on Facebook and Zoom. So you are able to connect with other members, buddy up AND you get direct access to me.

I'm in the group every day, ready to answer your questions almost as soon as you post a new thread. Plus I host regular Facebook Live AMAs where you can come and ask me your questions or bring me your challenges and I'll pull from my 30 years as a business owner to help you solve your issue fast.

What are members saying?

With the first 40 members already enrolled, we are building a really powerful community of entrepreneurs. We are focused on creating amazing products and brands for ourselves. 

If you want to join us, click here: Branding by Intent

How does it work?

We give you: 

♥ Weekly workshops

♥ Regular Q&As 

♥ Past video content 

♥ A Facebook Community and support 

What will you learn?

How to choose the right product for you and your budget

How to import a safe product and navigate legalities

How to list and send your products to FBA safely

How to advertise and sell more with Amazon PPC and marketing

Cappuccino cup

For the price of a coffee a day, you can get a head start in your Amazon business.



Zoom Session
  • 1x 60 minute Strategy Call
  • Send me details about the issue you need resolved
  • Discuss any Amazon listing, product or account issue
  • Discuss an overall business strategy about your Private Label business

Branding by Intent

Group Coaching
  • Access to all past trainings
  • 10-day Listing on Amazon Course
  • Group Zoom Call Mondays 7-9pm AEST
  • Unlimited Q&A in Facebook Group
  • Assistance with Amazon escalations
  • Discounted 1-on-1 consultations at $99/hr

Branding by Intent

Group Coaching PLUS one-off consultation
  • EVERYTHING in the Branding by Intent Group Coaching plan
  • PLUS
  • 1x FREE 60 minute consultation every month with Calli to plan your brand and strategise WORTH AUD3588

I've been part of the success story of thousands of brand owners who started just like you are doing today.

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If you're willing to put in the work, I'm ready to support you on your journey!

There is nothing I love more than to be a part of my students' success story.

Let's do this together! 

See you on the other side…