Black Friday 5 Minute PPC Campaign Hack for Amazon

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What can you do at the last minute to get your holiday ranking juices working?


I'm using Helium10 for this hack and finding keywords that are already ranking


If you launched a new product around October, you should be getting some sales on Amazon right about now.

If you want to get as much ranking juice as possible for Black Friday and the holidays, try this 5 minute hack to creating a low ACOS campaign with amazing results!

I'm using Helium10 in this video and they have a Black Friday Sale on too. Click here to see it: https://signup.privatelabelaustralia.com.au/H10-Black-Friday

Get your free Helium 10 subscription here: https://signup.privatelabelaustralia.com.au/H10

Use the coupon code CALLI50 for 50% off your first month on any paid plans. It rolls over to regular price after that. I recommend the Platinum Plan.

Or you can use CALLI10 for 10% off every month for the life of your plan.

Sign up to Private Label Australia here: https://privatelabelaustralia.com.au/

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