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"Branding by Intent" DONE-FOR-YOU Services

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After walking the walk (selling on Amazon) and talking the talk (teaching you how to sell on Amazon), we are now creating a done-for-you service to help those of you who aren't so hands-on

What is the "Branding by Intent" done-for-you service?

What is the
"Branding by Intent"
done-for-you service?

After helping thousands of sellers over the last 3+ years, a new service is born. 

Officially announcing DONE-FOR-YOU from “Branding by Intent”, the service that has already helped a small bunch of amazing new entrepreneurs, who are crushing goals every day. 

Done-for-you services from Branding by Intent

After launching “Branding by Intent”, we have seen a real need in the market for done-for-you services.

Sometimes it just makes perfect sense to whip out your phone and take a photo of a product to test. Other times it's just easier to upload a listing with basic information so you can learn the ropes of Amazon and eCommerce. 

For those times when it doesn't make sense, you need something more: Outsourcing is King and it helps you to grow! 

When you outsource tasks to an expert, you free up your time for all those amazing parts of your business that you are actually skilled for. There is no need to create your listings from scratch, or learn all about algorithms and pay-per click advertising, or even learn how to use a camera. Leave those time-consuming tasks to the experts and GROW YOUR BUSINESS instead! 

But how do I choose?

The great thing about being your own boss is that you get to make your own decisions. It's fine to use Fiverr to find VAs, photographers, editors and copywriters. Some of those service providers are amazing. 

You are, however, taking a risk that you don't own the copyright of the images supplied, that the keywords used aren't actually being searched and that your PPC advertising is not going to get you any results.  

That's fine for a small test and tiny investment. But how do you make sure your significant investment is safeguarded with full ownership of your branding and assets? 

Enter our done-for-you, all-in-one Amazon listing services

What services are available? 

  • Amazon listing photography;
  • Copywriting & listing optimisation;
  • Amazon PPC Management;
  • And MUCH more!

And what is the quality of the service like?

Well, we are biased and we'll say that it's second to none! That said, our customers are saying that the service is simple and “just sells products”

The way it's done is that we don't focus on pretty pictures only. We make sure that your listings tell the full story where they are supposed to, where your customers are searching. 

We are all educated Australians with experience in building winning Amazon and eCommerce listings. When you book us in, you know that your brand presence is not at stake and that it is being taken care of by local experts. 

On top of that, you will get full license to use your assets for the purpose for which it was intended. We do not use or copy other creators' work. Any stock images used in the process are fully purchased and the images we take and copy we write will be licensed to you to use in all your branding. 

We also make sure to create conversions. There are a few steps to the process, from ranking for the right keywords, to luring customers in with a great hero image, right up to the last step of making them click on that buy-box. 

We know Amazon and eCommerce, and we know images and branding. 

What are customers saying?

We are focused on helping you create amazing listings and brands for yourselves. 

What will you get?

The Branding by Intent team is waiting for you!

Photographer working on portfolio

I've partnered up with the Amazing Caz (Carolyn Acuna) who is an image wiz - Call her for a quote

I've been part of the success story of thousands of brand owners who started just like you are doing today.

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I have a reputation in the Australian eCommerce Industry so you can trust that I can deliver for you. 

There is nothing I love more than to be a part of my customers' success story.

I'd love to be your partner. Let's do this together! 

See you on the other side…