Resubscribe to your Branding by Intent Legacy Membership

Calli made a booboo...

In my attempt to update my subscription platform, I inadvertently deleted a part of my old platform last week. I was reassured by both Stripe and Podia support staff that it wouldn't affect the membership at the time but this was obviously not true. This resulted in you receiving a cancellation email after your subscriptions were cancelled. 

A blessing in disguise, this will allow you all to regroup and decide if you are still getting value from the service I provide for you. As this membership will not be offered in its current form ever again, if it is helping you in any way, I encourage you to take it up. 

I would love to keep working with any of you who would like to continue to work with me. 

If this is you, click on the link below and resubscribe by Thursday 7 April 2022. 

What will happen now?

When you subscribe, no money will be charged initially. You will get 15 days free as a trial. In 15 days, you will start being charged AUD69.00 every month. This will entitle you to:

  1. Continued access to the familiar “Branding by Intent” Facebook Group with an even more limited amount of members,
  2. Unlimited questions and answers in the group,
  3. Weekly online mastermind sessions every Monday night,
  4. Daily updates on Amazon and marketplace news,
  5. A library of answers to all group questions and answers, and
  6. Discounted 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me any time (AUD100 instead of the regular AUD300 price).


You can cancel at any time directly from your PayPal account. 

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but I hope that I have sweetened the disruption with a few free days and a slightly lower monthly subscription. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you back in the group. 


Branding by Intent Gold Legacy Plan