About Calli

My Story

I'm a serial entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. I've started several businesses in my long career but I've spent the last 3 years teaching online entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of Amazon and Online Marketplaces with my Private Label Australia Membership.  

In 2020, I made a massive shift to focus on a big gap that I saw missing in the online space. I launched Branding by Intent to help entrepreneurs in Australia get their products and services online. The membership, Branding by Intent, is a new flagship subscription program that helps brand owners market their products and services, while thriving online.

You see, as an eCommerce seller, I was spending a lot of time helping others solve problems and build their brands online. I eventually decided that this was what I loved doing and that seeing others succeed was my passion. Although I'm still selling online myself, the thrill of seeing my students and clients succeed is what gets me up in the mornings! 

I often get asked: “When do you sleep? You're always answering questions and posting online!”

I jokingly answer: “On Fridays! I sleep on Fridays!”    

Listen below when my good friend, Chris Thomas, The Australian Seller, interviewed me for his podcast and I got to tell the story about how I got started on eCommerce.